Proposed Rule Changes 2017 AGM

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The Rūnanga Chairperson called for a hui on the 16th Aug 2017 to examine the current  Waihao Rules dated 2016 (also referred to as Constitution). The purpose of this was to  look at  sections of the Rules and the Financial Management Policy and Procedures 2016 which currently cause identified issues, that hamper the Rūnanga both operationally and from a Governance level.

Registered whanau can review the proposed Rule and Financial Management Policy and Procedures changes that will be presented on the agenda at the 2017 AGM. The document  has four (4) columns:

  1. Rule Change Number – To assit with voting and recording in minutes
  2. Current Rule – how the section reads currently
  3. Proposed change – how the section will read if the change is accepted
  4. Rational – reason the proposed change is being presented

If you have any questions  contact the Manager in the first instance :

How to view –

  1. Registered users will need to Login
  2. Click on the Policy and Procedures menu in the whanau banner
  3. Scroll down to the section that is headed Rules
  4. Click on the link Proposed Rule Changes