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Friday, May 22nd, 2020 | Posted by:

The Executive have determined that even though we are now in Level 2, there still remains a risk to Whanau as we have not been in this Level long enough to determine how safe we are regarding community transmission.

The Executive considered holding a Whanau Hui at the Marae for the June Hui but as there are still a number of requirements in place and there was the possibility, depending on how well we go under Level 2, these might change. So rather than make arrangements and then have to cancel them it was agreed that we would proceed with a June Whanau Meeting via Zoom however we are all very hopeful and are planning for our August Whanau Hui to be held at Waihao  (and of course Zoom will still be an option available).

In the meantime, the Marae remains closed. Staff will be starting to transition to the Marae over the next few weeks, but it is only staff who are currently authorised to be there. Please respect this as we have an obligation to ensure the safety and health of our staff also. If you do turn up you may be asked to leave.

Some may see this is a conservative approach to re-opening our Marae but we are very mindful of the impacts of the virus and the risks to our Whanau in particular and so have chosen to put these safety risks ahead of anything else. Our Upoko has supported this view and advises that the Rahui placed at the beginning of this process has not yet been lifted, so we would expect that our cultural approach to this will continue to be respected.

The Executive have a meeting on the 2 June (via Zoom) where we will look at all health information available at that point and consider if we are comfortable easing these restrictions. Even if they are eased there may still be some restrictions in place so that we continue to ensure the health and safety of all who come onto the Marae, but we will keep you informed of these as we go.

In the meantime, we wish you all well, stay safe and we hope to see those that can travel, back at Waihao in August.

Nga mihi