Te Rūnanga o Waihao Electoral Postal Vote

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Te Rūnanga o Waihao is due to conduct a postal vote to elect the Appointment Committee who will be responsible for appointing the Te Rūnanga Representative and Alternate Representative. Members are invited to both ensure that they are properly registered and that we have a valid current postal address.

The electoral roll will close at 5.00pm, 7 June 2022. All potential members not already registered with Te Rūnanga o Waihao, who are 18 years and over and would like to participate in the voting process for the Appointment Committee, are invited to apply to register by returning the Rūnanga Registration form to the Te Rūnanga o Waihao office before 5.00pm, 7 June 2022. Registration forms can be requested from the Te Rūnanga o Waihao Office. All potential members are encouraged to register with Te Rūnanga o Waihao.


Te Rūnanga o Waihao Inc is calling for nominations for the Appointment Committee. These nominations must be in writing and addressed to the Te Rūnanga o Waihao Office, 26 Maori Road, RD 10, Waimate 7980 or by email: [email protected]. Nomination forms are available from the Rūnanga Office and must be received by the Rūnanga Office by 5.00pm, 7 June 2022.