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Te Rūnanga o Waihao

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

As per Section 8 of The Rules


This meeting will be held

26 Māori Road, Morven, Waimate

Sunday 7th October 2018 at 1.00pm


Lunch will be provided prior to the meeting.



  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes of Previous AGM
  3. Receive and consider the Annual Report of the Rūnanga Executive/s
  4. Receive and consider the Annual Financial Statements from the Treasurer
  5. To Appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year
  6. The election of such Runanga Executive positions including any Officers positions that are vacant
  7. Consider, and if agreed make changes to ‘The Rules’ of Te Rūnanga o Waihao

For further information please contact

Waihao Marae Office 03 689 4726

For further information please contact


Please RSVP by 4.00pm 1st October 2018


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The next Waihao Kaumatua Lunch will be held on May 31st.

This will be held at the Waihao Marae from 12.30pm.

Anyone wishing to attend should please:

RSVP by Monday 28th May to Waihao Marae  0800 924 426

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The upcoming 2018 Kaumātua Lunch Dates are as follows:

  • May 31st Combined Lunch held at Waihao Marae
  • July 26th Regional Lunches
  • September 27th Combined Lunch held at Waihao Marae
  • November 29th Regional Lunches

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The Marae office will be closed from 5pm Friday 22rd December 2017 to 9am Monday 8th January 2018.

For any urgent enquiries, phoning the office on 03 689 4726 will transfer you to the Runanga Chairperson.

The Staff would like to wish whanau a safe and happy Christmas period.

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In 2016 the Runanga entered into a MOU with Department of Corrections – Ara Poutama Aotearoa to propagate native plant seedling. These seeds were collected within our takiwa  by whanau and then sent to Milton Correctional Centre where they were divided with half of them be sent to Invercargill Correctional Centre. Recently the office sent 2000 potting bags to Invercargill as the seedlings needed repotting as they have outgrown the recycled milk cartons they  started their journey in.

Horticulture Instructor Kara from Invercargill Correctional Centre sent the photo to show whanau of the progress to date. Hopefully we will received the  native seedlings in late 2018 where they will spend some time in the  shade  house in the Marae garden before being  replanted.


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The Executive have endorsed the forming of a Rangatahi committee. Those interested should please submit your expression of interest to the office by the Fri 10th Nov  2017.


It is hoped membership of the committee will comprise of:

  • 5 rangatahi members
  • 2 facilitators who have experience with rangatahi engagement and governance experience.

We are looking for rangatahi who wish to sit on the rangatahi committee for Waihao runanga. This will be the space for rangatahi to determine their own aspirations and the aspirations of other Waihao rangatahi in alignment with the objects of Te Runanga O Waihao Inc. This includes wellbeing, cultural, educational and employment aspirations. We are looking for innovation, creativity and the motivation to develop plans for engagement for rangatahi.

The Executive welcome whānau members from throughout NZ as technology will allow for distance participation in meetings. For rangatahi applicants please outline 1 aspiration you have for Waihao rangatahi in the future.